Why Us

Increased speed and service level

All standard orders placed by 6:00 p.m. EST will ship the same day they are placed…guaranteed (additionally, all orders that are five line items or less and require Next Day Air service placed by 7:00 EST will ship the same day…guaranteed). This guarantee encompasses all orders regardless of size and includes both domestic and international orders.

Increased accuracy and communication with the field

All orders are electronically confirmed immediately upon shipment. E-mailed confirmations include all pertinent shipping info including the confirmation and third-party tracking numbers.

Increased efficiency through use of full service web-based order entry tools

Thoroughbred provides a wide variety of web-based ordering tools. These range from simple Shopping Carts for basic order entry and inventory management to web–service enabled links to the clients existing web sites, to completely customized on-line ordering tools identical to the clients website design.

Increased access to real-time information

Thoroughbred will provide with on-line access to over 100 standard real-time reports pertaining to inventory, reorder points, freight costs, sales by region/rep./dealer, etc.

Increased inventory management efficiencies

In addition to the pick/pack/ship services and IT support, Thoroughbred also has the ability to provide a complete VMI program.  The customer service team will monitor reorder points based upon actual usage and can work directly with  suppliers to place orders and manage the inventory appropriately.  In addition, all new or replenished inventory items are received into stock and are available to be ordered the same day they are received.  

Improved Project/Assembly Capabilities

Thoroughbred has an experienced staff on-site to provide a variety of special projects, including binder collations, chain-set assemblies, mailings, labeling and special launches/distributions.

Memo/Swatch Production

Thoroughbred now has complete memo/swatch production capabilities on-site. The customer service team is able to monitor weekly usage and manage the entire replenishment process from requesting yardage, to the printed ticket, to the actual memo production. This enables the client to manufacture, warehouse and fulfill memo samples all out of the same location.